Antenatal Courses

Our expert Midwife and Obstetric-led Antenatal Courses run over a

4 week period, and includes a downloadable pregnancy yoga video.

Our courses are run virtually via Zoom on Wednesday evenings. Our group antenatal courses include a scheduled fifth date for a social in person meet-up and we actively encourage a group 'Whatsapp' so that course participants can meet up in the local area. 

Our course fee: £150

What's included?

Session One:

Midwife-led Labour & Birth

7:15 - 9.30pm

- Preparation 
- Mechanisms of labour and birth
- Hormone of Labour and Birth Environment
- Role of the birth partner 
- Stages of Labour
- When to call the Midwife 
- Positions for Labour and Birth

Session Two

Obstetric-led Class with Dr D

7:15 - 9.30pm

- Coping Strategies and Pain Relief
- Inducing Labour
- Assisted Births (Instrumental Births)
- Caesarean sections (Abdominal Births) and Recovery

Session Three

Midwife-led Recovery After Birth & Life With Baby

7:15 - 9.30pm

- Skin-to-Skin Contact
- Perineal Repair 
- Examination of the Newborn
- Discharge home from hospital
- Caring for your Newborn

- Fourth Trimester
- Safe Sleeping Guidance
- Recovery After Birth 
- Postnatal Mental Health

Session Four

Midwife-led Infant Feeding

7:15 - 9.30pm

- Newborn feeding
- How do I know my baby is hungry?
- Is my baby getting enough milk?

- Breastfeeding (Comfortable position & attachment)

- Troubleshooting
- Formula Feeding
- Expressing and Mix/Combi Feeding 
- Safe Storage of Breastmilk


Our pregnancy yoga video instructed by our Midwife Yoga Instructor is included in all our expert antenatal courses. The pre-recorded yoga is accessible from the start until the end of the course which enables you to watch and participate in the comfort of your own home, at a pace that suits you


Book a Course

Antenatal Course for babies with estimated due dates between:

late November - late December 2021

Sutton / Epsom and surrounding areas:

Course Dates: 6th October, 13th October, 20th October, 27th October

+ social (in person meet up) 3rd November 2021

Antenatal Course for babies with estimated due dates between:

early January - early February 2022

Sutton / Epsom and surrounding areas:

Course Dates: 17th November, 24th November, 1st December, 8th December

+ social (in person meet up) 15th December 2021

Antenatal Course for babies with estimated due dates between:

late February - late March 2022

Sutton / Epsom and surrounding areas:

Course Dates: 5th January, 12th January, 19th January, 26th January

+ social (in person meet up) 2nd February 2022


Private Antenatal Courses

Prefer a private one-to-one Antenatal Course in the comfort own home (or via Zoom)?

We are able to visit you and your birthing partner in your own home, at times and dates that work for you!

Who may benefit from a private Antenatal Course?

The short answer is anyone! However you may choose to book a private antenatal course with us as you may have pre-existing medical conditions and are seeking a more individualised course, you may have experienced a previous traumatic birth, are a second or third time parent wanting a refresher, keen to chose a date and time that works for you, or just generally prefer one-to-one sessions!


The above course content is covered, however we are able to provide an individualised service, discussing topics that are relevant in your pregnancy.

Please contact us here if you'd like to enquire or book a private Antenatal Course