"Sarah was brilliant and provided a practical, balanced view on every topic. Sarah did a fantastic job at keeping things evidence based so we all felt informed and supported. The thing we enjoyed least was it coming to an end!"

- Natalie & Ed

"Enjoyable classes without judgment. Everything was very useful, I really enjoyed the antenatal classes - Thank You!"

- Victoria & Hugo

"This antenatal course was invaluable to me. We were provided with so much information but broken down in ways that made it easy to take it all in. We all felt comfortable enough to ask questions and the activities were also great to help us get to know each other and feel that we weren't just among strangers but friends going through a similar journey. I think that going into labour was just easier when you feel that you know more or less what to expect, when you understand what the first days of being with your baby will be like, it removes some of the fear and makes you feel a lot more secure. I couldn't recommend it more"

- Blanca & Filip

"We just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you very much for the sessions you did. They were all really interesting and we learnt far more than we thought we would! I'd like to particularly flag how amazing it was over zoom too. Having spent the last 6 months on zoom doing all sorts of workshops and team activities we were amazed with how engaging and well run the sessions were. Absolute credit to you, we know others who haven't had the same experience. I'm sure i'll think of questions over the coming weeks and months and we'll keep you posted on Baby ----- arrival."

- Sarah

"Thank you for the class, Sharon (our first aid instructor) was brilliant and it was great to learn the essentials in a relaxed environment at home! We will be back for a re-fresh once baby has grown a little and we require additional knowledge"

- Klara & Neil

"Sarah was so great, very friendly and helpful. She presented everything very well and helped us feel more prepared."

 - Michelle & Simon

"Sarah was fantastic. Really put the group at ease."

- Trish & Joe

"Matt and I wanted to thank you for all the information and support you provided us during the classes.  We have learnt so much and realised how much we didn't know!  Your book recommendations have also been so helpful and I am really enjoying reading the positive birth book by Milli Hill. We live so close to each other so do say hi if you see us around! We will let you know once our baby has arrived and all the advice and knowledge you have shared really comes into practise.  It is great to know about your 1 to 1 breastfeeding classes/support as well and we will definitely keep you in mind if we have any issues"

- Jasmine & Matt

"We had no idea on what to expect with antenatal classes and had heard mixed reviews on antenatal classes in general.  Both myself and my partner thought Sarah was just fabulous. Incredibly knowledgeable and such a lovely, warm approach to every session. We both came away feeling empowered and informed going into labour, and reassured and up skilled as we enter parenthood. Thank you Sarah!"

- Hannah & Ross

"Sarah we just wanted to say thanks so much for all your support and advice in our antenatal classes. Our son was born after a 12 hour labour with just gas and air into a birthing pool. And you were so right, the tens machine totally got me through!"

- Abigail & Tommy

"Sarah was fantastic, positive but realistic, and I felt well informed by the end of the course. Thank you"

- Sorcha & Daniel