Why Choose

The ChildBirth Group?

During the current social distancing conditions, our Group Antenatal Classes are being run virtually from the comfort of your own home (using Zoom). Private (one-to-one) Antenatal Classes are available in person.


Fun and interactive!

Our Midwife Instructors are well equipped and experienced to ensure that our virtual classes are delivered being interactive and fun as ever! We don't let the barrier of the computer screen get in our way, our approach to teaching is modern, engaging and informative, with strong emphasis on the social aspect of building lasting friendships.


Get social!

Meeting other expectant parents can be an invaluable source of support when entering parenthood. Joining The ChildBirth Group family will enable you to meet other, like-minded expectant parents with babies due around the same time. This is a fantastic way to make local connections, build lasting friendships and form a social support network that will last throughout pregnancy and beyond! This also ensures that you have a ready-made group of buddies for your baby on their arrival. Just select the right course for your baby's due date! (We know only 4% of babies arrive on their suggested 'due date' - We ask so we can group you with other pregnant women due a similar time!)


Email follow-ups from your Midwife!

Your Midwife Instructor will ensure you get the most out of your classes.

After each session you will be sent follow-up emails outlining the session content taught with evidence-based information, further reading, sign-posting to useful websites and videos. We want you to enjoy the classes without the need to take notes. The follow-up emails ensures you get all relevant information, which compliments each session.

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